Mokara Orchids – Care, Watering and Repoting

The Mokara Orchid is one of the easiest orchids to grow and maintain – provided you follow a few simple tips when it comes to caring for this plant. Native to Singapore, this particular specie is used to humid climates and produces extremely exotic flowers.

Mokara Orchids make great houseplants and are one specie of flower that tends to bloom all year round – making them the perfect display pieces for the home or office.

Choosing Mokara Orchids

Before choosing a Mokara Orchid, it’s recommended you look at the plant’s leaves and roots. If they’re healthy and plump, it’s a good plant. If the Mokara boasts withered tips, it’s wise to choose another. If you’re growing the plant in your home, it’s extremely important you pick a strong plant.

Mokara orchids

Where to grow your Mokara Orchid

As Mokara Orchids are native to humid climates, most choose to place them indoors. The perfect place to put your new Orchid is on an east-facing window. This will allow it to bask in full sunlight each and every morning. If you’re worried about the plant tilting over, due to its heavy top, simply place a few rocks around the base of the pot.

mokara orchids


A Mokara Orchid enjoys a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18C) during the day and 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13C) at night. High humidity is also a must and the Mokara Orchid grows best when in a climate of 80% humidity.

Watering your Orchid

Unlike a number of Orchid species, Mokara Orchids require a little more water than most. Water them in the morning; making sure the liquid is at room temperature. The water should be poured through the potting mix for a number of minutes. During warm weather, the plant will need watering up to several times per week. Despite ensuring your new Orchid’s thirst is quenched, it’s important to never allow it to stand in the water as this can damage the roots.

mokara orchids


When you’ve watered the Orchid, for best results, apply an Orchid fertiliser with a 50% dilution of 30-10-10. In your plant’s growing phase – between the spring and autumn – it’s important to fertilise the Orchid every four days, while doing the process once a month will be adequate in the winter.

Air Circulation

Humidity and good air circulation are two factors that help Mokara Orchids to thrive. One way to achieve the perfect air circulation at home is to invest in a fan and place it in the room where the Orchids are, on a low setting.

Re-Potting your Orchid

Although Mokara Orchids prefer their roots to be left undisturbed, it’s still wise to replant the Orchid if the roots begin to grow outside of its existing pot. To replant the Orchid successfully, gently remove it from its existing vessel. To make this process easier, first soak it with water – this will help make the roots more pliable. Transfer to a slightly larger pot (preferably clay) and work a mixture of chopped tree fern or fir bark carefully through the roots.

mokara orchids


When grown in the correct conditions, a Mokara Orchid rarely becomes diseased. The only pests it may attract are mealybugs. If you’re unsure of what these look like, watch out for small puffs of moving cotton. These will need to be removed from the plant if you wish to obtain its health.

So there are a few of the essentials that you need to know about caring for your Mokara Orchid. However, if you have any others tips for looking after your plants, we’d love to hear from you.

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