Keep Fresh Flowers Lasting for Longer – Part 3

Flowers add an instant injection of color to the home and office. They also offer a sweet fragrance and make for great table centerpieces. With this in mind, you’ll want to make them last as long as possible! However, blooms when cut doesn’t last a great deal of time unless cared for correctly. Thankfully there are a number of ways to preserve fresh flowers and one clever tip involves the use of hairspray.

Preserve Flowers with Hairspray

How to keep your cut flowers looking fresh

Using hairspray on flowers works to prolong their lifespan. Just as hairspray preserves your hairstyle, it keeps flowers in tip-top condition too, ensuring they look pristine for longer and don’t wilt. By strengthening your plants in this way, you should find that the lifespan of your blooms is increased.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Firstly, you’ll need to remove your cut blooms from the vase or container they are housed in. The next step requires you to spray them with hairspray. For best results, hold the can several inches away from the flowers and lightly spray underneath the petals. But be careful, as if you spray too close, the force can damage the petals. Once you have sprayed your blooms, hang the flowers upside down in a well-vented area and allow them to dry – you can use a coat hanger and string to do this. You may wish to repeat the process once or twice more before returning your blooms to the vase. You can use a coat hanger and string to do this. Spraying the flowers in the vase or returning them before they are completely dry can cause the petals to stick to the container.

How much to spray to use

It’s important to be frugal when spraying your blooms with hairspray as too much can damage them. It is, however, wise to reapply the hairspray every few days, particularly if you have an event coming up and wish to preserve the flowers for a long period of time. Hairspray can make them last for several days longer than when hairspray is not used.

Which flowers to choose?

For best results, cut blooming flowers in your garden during the summer months. Choosing flowers in full bloom means you can preserve the rich hue of the petals. Hairspray works particularly well when it comes to preserving flowers with full-bodied blooms, including species such as roses. It also works well on flowers with delicate blooms, such as lavender.
If you’re looking to prolong the life of flowers that bloom in the winter months, choose options such as Winter Jasmine, Hellebore and Algerian Iris as these species tend to last longer than others when sprayed and kept indoors in a vase or other container.

Alternatives to hairspray

If you’ve run out of hairspray or wish to try another method, there are other tips you can consider. Some of these include cutting fresh flowers early. The best time to pick flowers is in the morning, immediately after the dew has dried out and when the temperature is a little cooler. Other advice includes using an amply sized vase – as it is important not to crowd your blooms. The vessel you use should also be clean and should only be filled with three inches of water, as too much can actually cause the flowers to decay more quickly. Removing any foliage before the waterline will help to prevent bacteria growth while placing them out of direct sunlight and away from ripening fruit will ensure they last for longer.

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