When is International Panic Day?

Celebrated on June 18th, the same day as International Picnic Day (way to confuse the audience), International Panic Day is a celebration that… well, forces you to panic.

As odd as it may sound, it is a mock-holiday aiming to raise awareness of the problems surrounding us. Basically, if you’re usually a stoic, calm individual, this is your time to let loose of the reins and panic about everything. Why?

Why, the International Panic Day’s motto is why not?

Serenata Flowers decided to list 5 different problems plaguing humanity, as well as 5 different reasons why you should work yourself into a frenzy come 18th June 2019.

Let’s go:

  1. Global warming

First off, without getting overly technical and bogging down the text with various citations and references, you can simply browse the web and look for a gov.uk site explaining what climate change is and how to best approach it.

Second, as you all know, global warming is a thing. And its consequences are, in the long run, pretty frightening.

Even today, a decade or so after the problem of global warming has emerged into the spotlight, you can see its effects. The summers are warmer, the winters milder, and season transitions almost non-existent.

The issue is serious enough to warrant our attention, as well as a modicum of well-intentioned panic on this year’s Panic Day.

  1. Stress

This efficient, stealthy delinquent (up there with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as number one cause for deterioration in human health) is ever-present, ever-stubborn, and almost impossible to avoid in the modern world.

Peer expectations, demands from parents and relatives and children, work stress, stress about the future and the past and the present, stress regarding the geopolitical situation in the world – all in all, there’s a lot of it.

This International Panic Day, in order to get rid of stress Serenata Flowers urges you to get yourself into a state of stress.

However contradictory this may sound, we urge you to let go of your emotions – scream, shout, run, sing out loud (be mindful of neighbors, though), and recuperate by letting it all out.

  1. Deforestation

How on earth are humans going to breathe if there’s nothing to create oxygen? The lungs of the world and the alveoli and the lobes and the pulmonary function of humanity are not going to survive without our help.

Wait, let’s go back for a moment – they will survive without us, but not with us. In the last couple of decades, humanity has found the world’s forests and jungles as great sources of energy, namely, wood and coal.

However, in pushing industrial and technological frontiers forward, we have forgotten to care for the nature that does nothing but care for us.

To sum up, go plant some trees. Join a wildlife initiative. Or, the next time you see the neighbor kids carving their names into a tree, take out your hose and spray them down.

It might teach them a thing or two – do be careful if it’s freezing outside, you don’t want to give them walking pneumonia.

  1. Human and civil liberties

The first quarter of the 21st century has seen great turmoil in terms of human rights. Women’s reproductive rights, minority rights, rights of each and every individual that has been oppressed, one way or another, are all important issues to consider.

International Panic Day (IPD) might prove an ideal time for you to get really, really angry about an issue as great as this. Roar, rave, scream, shout, shake it all about – do whatever is necessary for you to get it out of your system.

Do bear in mind, though, that even when IPD is over, one ought to refrain from passivism when it comes to matters of such grave importance.

  1. Panic for no reason whatsoever

Since IPD is a made-up and arbitrary holiday, you can choose to celebrate it whatever way you see fit. It doesn’t even have to include panicking. However, you can.

Spend your Panic Day in fear of everything, apprehensive about every little thing and situation that comes your way. How is that beneficial? No idea.

But you could make it work. At least, it can prove to be a fun way of breaking everyday monotony and spark things up. Don’t overdo it and make it a habit, though.

To sum up, International Panic Day is a great opportunity for you to unwind, get rid of stress, and conceptualize certain problems that you mightn’t have had time to think about yet.

It is not a holiday in the traditional sense of the word, as there is no real celebration, gift-giving or gift-buying, or having family and friends over for dinner.

However, make the most of it, as it is a good opportunity to wake you up from the stupor of the 9-5, and remind you how valuable your life, your health, and your friends really are.

Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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