How to Rekindle Your Romance this Year

If your love has gone from hot and high energy to a little on the cool side, there are many ways to rekindle your romance in what remains of the year. These top tips may be the ticket to get it back on track…

Falling in love is often described as having a new toy with various mysterious compartments to discover. Staying in love on the other hand is a very different story. After a while, especially after a period of many years, it can become difficult to keep the spark alive. If you have suddenly begun to worry about your relationship gathering dust, then rest assured as there is still plenty of hope!

Both therapists and relationship experts say it’s entirely normal for long-term love or marriage to feel a little like it’s becoming stagnant, some may even question whether it’s time to cut ties altogether. If you’re currently in this position, read on to discover our top tips on how to rekindle the romance.

No one feels “in love” all the time

When you first fall in love, there’s feelings of passion and excitement. But as your relationship begins to grow, it often becomes more about connection and intimacy. If you’re starting to feel like the initial feelings of butterflies have flown away, you shouldn’t deem this to be the end of the relationship.

The first thing to know about being in a long-term relationship is that there are ups and downs and this is perfectly normal. If you take this concept on board, it will certainly lessen the pressure to feel deeply in love all of the time.

Go back to the beginning

While you can’t expect that dreamy sensation of new love to last forever, you can revisit the places where the butterflies first started. The beginning stages of a relationship are connected by strong feelings of desire, infatuation, and fantasy. It may be a place you met or even an action – whatever it is, revisit those feelings and locations, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Don’t underestimate the power of saying thank you

One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to keep the spark alive is to appreciate the things your partner does for you. So if you feel like your relationship spark is dwindling, make an effort to say thank you to your loved one on a daily basis. Whether you tell your partner face to face or in a text, a little ‘thank you’ goes a long way in making the other person feel appreciated and loved.

Gratitude is one of the most positive and important emotions to portray in a relationship, and it’s a great way to ensure yours continues to thrive. You may wish to send your partner a gift to illustrate these feelings of gratitude, such as a beautiful bouquet of his or her favourite blooms. Serenata Flowers have some great options to choose from, many of which are available for the same and next day delivery, which can say thank you for you!

Discuss your resentments

It’s hugely important to be open with your partner, and although it’s not a conversation many of us want to have, discussing your resentments for each other can in fact help to overcome them and move on. A good way to do this is to sit down together and write them all down on a piece of paper, and once you’ve talked about them, throw the paper into the fire! This is a great way to rid yourself of any negative feelings you may have towards your relationship.

Plan secret dates for each other

After being in a relationship for a long time together, we can forget to be spontaneous. Life admin and family commitments can take over, leaving little time for quality time. Whether it’s surprising your partner to a candlelit dinner or a bold set of blooms when they come home from work or booking a spontaneous weekend away, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge gesture. But it’s hugely important to spend quality time together every once in a while, particularly if you wish to rekindle that flame.

Give each other space

Just as it’s important to spend time together, it’s also important to give each other space. Allowing each other time to concentrate on personal interests and to spend time away from your loved one will make you miss them. When we first start dating, we always look forward to the next meeting, however, when you live together, these feelings of being excited to see each other can dwindle. Whether you go on a girly or guy holiday or spend one or two nights a week doing a hobby away from the home, it’s important not to live in each other’s pockets if you wish to rekindle that spark.


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