Gift for a New Mum? Avoid these Common Mistakes!


Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is an incredibly exciting time for any new mum, but it’s also pretty exhausting.

They’ve just given birth to the wonderful new human being. A little bundle of joy they love and cherish. But they’re also completely shattered. Not to mention fairly uncomfortable.

Despite this, most new mums still accept visitors – even if most friends and family members are there to coo over the baby rather than fuss over the worn-out mum! Most visitors mean well and may even bring gifts but unfortunately not all of them bring the useful and needed gifts.

While some hit the nail on the head with bumper baby hampers filled with essentials and little luxuries for a new mum, others completely miss the mark. How do you know which camp you fall into?

Simple, just take note of our five worst gifts to give a new mum and AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

1. Ban that booze

In any other situation, when we’ve been through something stressful, a nice glass of wine or a bottle of beer would be greatly appreciated. But trust us, this isn’t what any new mum will be looking for.

In fact, it can be a pretty huge buzz kill for any new breastfeeding mum who still can’t drink so why don’t you try something non-alcoholic but equally fizzy instead? Non-alcoholic cocktails are more varied than ever before (you could even by the new mum their own recipe book) but there’s also non-alcoholic wines, juices and sparkling drinks which you can buy too.

2. Lose the gift cards

Very few mothers regain their pre-pregnancy figure as soon as they get home and although that means a trip to the shops might be an order, it still makes gift cards a bad idea.

Either you’re reminding the new mum of the fact they need to upgrade their wardrobe or you’re putting them in a situation where they are likely to see lots of lovely clothes they want but unfortunately can’t fit into.

If you want to treat them then go for accessories including bags, jewelry and shoes. These items will still make the new mum feel special but avoid any uncomfortable moments in the changing room.

3. Forget newborn clothes

Clothes aren’t only a bad present idea for the mum – they’re also a bad idea for a baby, at least if you buy in newborn sizes.

Although it’s hard to resist the cuteness of this miniature outfits, everyone and their dog will be buying them to “help out” the new mum. The problem? Babies grow quickly and your friend will struggle to get much wear out of all the new clothes she’s given.

If you’ve got your heart set on buying clothes for the new arrival then opt for a larger size to help the new parents plan ahead. Remember to consider what season it will be though to avoid any other embarrassing mistakes. After all, there’s no point buying a cute summer dress in age 3-6 months if it will be winter when the baby reaches that age!

4. No noisy toys

Anyone who decides to give a new mum a noisy toy as a gift is yet to be a parent themselves.

Newborns are noisy enough on their own and most mums will agree they don’t need any external encouragement. Toys which make certain sounds can be great for captivating the attention of little ones but anything that emits too much sound should stay on the shelf.

Remember that newborns love different textures as well as sounds so why not invest in toys with this feature instead? Toys with rustling or crinkled fabrics combine texture and sound but won’t burst any eardrums.

5. Ditch your décor tastes

What’s wrong with buying new parents items for their kids’ bedroom or nursery?

Chances are your new parent friend has spent months planning and decorating the perfect nursery. And now you spot the perfect item that’d look absolutely great in any child’s room – or at least any child’s room you design. And that’s the problem.

What you think is the ideal accessory might not fit with their design scheme or own tastes. Rather than risk facing polite acceptance, give them vouchers to spend at a store of their choice to jazz up their nursery or buy them something you know they actually want or need.

Dig for clues when speaking to your new mum and if you are brave enough to take a chance then remember to keep things neutral so as not to upset any interior design themes.

Choosing the perfect gift

As well as steering clear of the worst presents for new mums, you also need to recognize what makes a good present. If you’re stuck for ideas or worried about getting it totally wrong then stick with a safe but cool hamper.

Filled with special treats, basic essentials, and a few luxuries, it is guaranteed to go down a treat.

Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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