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Forget Fruit Hampers – How about Meat Hampers?

Hampers are proving to be a hugely popular gift for a number of occasions.

The beauty of a food hamper is the fact it can be tailored to almost every taste, and with so much variation available, there really is something to suit all.

Have you Heard about Meat Hampers?

meat hampers

Something a little different…

The majority of today’s hampers feature chocolates, fruits, jams, chutneys and a number of moreish beverages, including loose teas, smoothies, fine wines, champagnes, and whiskeys. More recently, meat hampers have risen in popularity, and why not? Who doesn’t love a selection of cured, spiced or marinated meats? A meat hamper is certainly an ideal gift for those who enjoy a meat feast every now and again!

From charcuterie and cheese to BBQ goods and Christmas must-haves, meat hampers are a great idea for those who wish to gift a friend, family member or loved one with something a little different.

The most expensive meats money can buy

If you’re a true meat connoisseur, you probably already have a good idea of some of the most exquisite meats the world over. Some of these include Wagyu steak – a Japanese specialty and one of the most sought-after cuts of beef on the globe. The cows are genetically predisposed to intense marbling, which helps to produce a high percentage of unsaturated fat.

There are various types of Wagyu available, including Kobe Beef, Mishima Beef, Yonezawa Beef , and Matsusaka Beef. Dubbed the champagne caviar of meat, it can cost more than £500 a kilo in Japan. Possibly not one of the most cost-effective items for the average meat hamper, but we can all dream! The flavour is said to be a mouthwatering mixture of savouriness and richness, whilst the texture resembles that of lightly cooked fish.

Steak fit for a king

It’s no longer fine wines alone that get better with age, and steak that retails for twice as much as the average monthly wage has to be something special. The 2000 vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak) is the world’s current leader when it comes to the most expensive steak available.

If you were to buy it, it would cost you around £2,000. So why does it cost so much? With only 103 vintage beef ribs ranging from 1998 to 2009 in existence, it’s certainly exclusive. These vintage ‘millesime’ steaks are stored in a ventilated negative cold room in order to preserve their exquisite taste. Imagine receiving a slab of this particular steak in a meat hamper…

The secret world of super-premium Spanish Jamon Iberico

Ever fancied trying some of the finest ham Spain has to offer? Acorn-fed pure breed Iberico ham is not only renowned in Spain but also, across the globe.

For a mere pound of this meat, you should expect to pay almost £200. The flavour is powerfully sweet, nutty (a little like a good parmesan) and earthy. It’s said to be so soft, it instantly melts in the mouth.

The most expensive hamper in existence

If you have a cool £85,000 to spare, we have the perfect hamper for you! So what does this pricetag get you? An abundance of extremely rare goodies for starters, including an exclusive type of caviar, in the shape of golden yellow albino eggs from one of only 6,000 Sturgeon, goose foie gras infused with black truffles, duck foie gras, Joselito Gran Reserva ham, which apparently boasts a ‘mythic status’ in Spain, crystal glassware, onion chutney and a £7000 bottle of bubbles – the same one Prince Charles and Lady Diana enjoyed on their wedding day.

Unfortunately not all of us can afford to splash out on such an over-the-top creation, however, there is still an abundance of moreish meat hampers to be had, all of which will make the perfect present for the ultimate foodie.

From cured, mature meats to pates, biltong, meat flavored peanuts, and hand-cooked crisps, there are plenty of taste-tantalizing ingredients to choose from.

If you’re looking to create a meat hamper, be sure to source meats that will complement each other, and that will last long enough to be enjoyed. There are few limits on what you can choose, as even something as simple as picking the best meats from across Europe is sure to make a lasting impression on whoever you gift.

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