Flowers and Sentiments – the Complete Guide

Flowers have many different meanings and sentiments, which makes them an extremely versatile specie.

Certain floral displays are the epitome of love, whilst others are the essence of beauty, innocence, purity and betrayal.

Before gifting a loved one a bouquet of flowers, it’s wise to learn a little more about their hidden romanticism.

flowers sentiments


If you wish to convey feelings of love to a certain someone special, choose the Lilac flower. This particular species sentiment is one of ‘my heart belongs to you’.

Another floral specie that indicates love is the Primrose Flower, which conveys the message ‘you are my first love’.

For a pure love, opt for the white rose for ‘I love you with an untainted love’. Alternatively, for a long-lasting love, the Forget-Me-Not is a popular floral specie and one that presents feelings of memories and true love.

Gloxinia is one of the most powerful flowers to gift to those you have strong feelings for – as it bears the meaning ‘love at first sight’, whereas if you have a ‘secret love’, Gardenia stands for this exact meaning.


If you wish to convey feelings of passion, there are a number of floral species to choose from, including the likes of the Amaryllis Flower, which in essence is telling the recipient ‘don’t try to resist me’.

The red rose has long been a strong symbol of love. If you wish to say to someone ‘I love you deeply’ then this is the flower for you.

If you wish to let a certain individual know you are longing for them, then the Daffodil is an ideal pairing and offers the message ‘I desire to be with you’.

Jasmine is another specie which conjures up feelings of passion, longing , and love, and is often associated with ‘you awaken my senses’.

The Hyacinth meanwhile offers a blunt, to the point message ‘I want you and you only!’

If you anticipate a relationship to take place, the Forsythia is the flower to choose and one that simply states ‘expectation’ and ‘eagerness’.


Hope can convey a number of different feelings. From hoping to achieve a high mark in your next exam to hoping that a relationship works. The Hydrangea asks the recipient the simple question ‘is there hope?’ and is a popular choice for those wanting to pass on best wishes and luck.


The Tulip is a flower that resembles a promise, such as ‘I promise to be loyal to you’. But if you wish to tell someone ‘I love you and only you forever’ then the Magnolia flower is a must!

The Azalea flower boasts a similar meaning by suggesting ‘life with you makes me extremely happy’.

If you wish to confirm your loyalty to a loved one, present them with the Aster flower, to represent a sentiment of ‘I will be faithful to you until the end of time’.

If you’re ‘anxious to please’ a certain someone, then the Ivy Sprig of White Tendrils should be your go-to floral specie.


The Pink Larkspur represents ‘fickleness’ and ‘franticness’ and is perhaps not the best option if looking to gift friends with a flower arrangement.


If you long to make it up to someone, gift them with a single yellow rose. This small gift has a powerful message of ‘I regret betraying you’.

If you wish to let a previous partner know you’re still thinking about them, choose the blue Salvia flower to portray a message of ‘I often still think of you’.

The Delphinium meanwhile suggests more of a question of ‘what remains of our love?’ and is best suited for those trying to resurrect or rescue a relationship.


If you’re suspicious of someone’s actions, gifting them with a Lavender flower that says ‘rid me of my anxiety’ is a subtle way to indicate any doubts you may be experiencing.

If you’re looking for a special someone to reassure you of their love to you, the Crocus is an ideal option and portrays the meaning ‘assure me of your love’.

However, if you’re struggling to believe what someone is saying to you, the Sweet Pea is the one for ‘I don’t believe you’.

If you’re a jealous person, you may choose to place a yellow Hyacinth in your bouquet.


The traditional Hyacinth can conjure up feelings for those who are ‘dedicated’, ‘sporty’ and ‘rash’.


If you know someone that enjoys their own time and space, Heather and Lavender are a great gift to give them. This particular specie stands for ‘solitude’ and ‘admiration’ and can really brighten up a room.


Whether you wish to complement a friend, a colleague or a family member, there are a number of flowers in existence that will allow you to do just this. The Agapanthus is one such specie that relays the message of ‘your presence delights me’.

The Gerbera , on the other hand, is an uplifting flower. With its bright hue and vibrant look, it’s little wonder this specie’s sentiment is ‘you light up my life’.

The Orchid, just as you would imagine, means ‘perfection’. This should be presented to those you are unable to fault.

The Ornithogalum, on the other hand, is a joyful flower and should be given to those who give you joy while the Buttercup, although an old-school sentiment, implies radiance and charm.


A bouquet of pink roses is the perfect present for a friend. The meaning behind this flower is one of ‘friendship’. They an ideal option to give to someone you wish to congratulate.

The Iris flower, on the other hand, is a must when saying ‘well done’ making it ideal for after someone has passed an exam or their driving test!


If you wish to show your support, be it through a difficult time or a waiting period, the Sunflower is an idea option. Its yellow petals convey the message ‘I will be your guiding light’ while the Bellflower offers a subtler sentiment of ‘I’ll be here when you need me’.

The Daisy boasts the message ‘You have my utmost affection’ and the Arum carries a more deep-rooted message of ‘Please accept my support’.


The Aconite flower should be presented to those who have hurt your feelings or, to those who have betrayed you – the meaning ‘your distain will ruin me’ can certainly be used to echo your sentiments.

If you wish to reveal your anger towards a certain someone, the Ajonc is the flower to choose as it means, simply, ‘I’m very angry with you’.

The Thistle is similar in sentiment ‘your attitude deeply saddens me’ although its message is perhaps not as hard hitting.

If you wish to tell an individual that they ‘only love themselves’, present them with a bouquet of Narcissis’ flowers. The Gentian, on the other hand, relays the message ‘your indifference is unbearable.’

If you wish to convey the extreme message of ‘hate’ then the orange Lily is the epitome of this sentiment.


If someone is rich in both assets and life, present them with a Tiger Lily plant, which means ‘pride’.


Holly boasts the sentiment of ‘defence’ and also stands for ‘domestic bliss’ – making it a popular choice for the garden among couples.


If a relationship has come to an end, the Anemone flower is the epitome of loss and stands for ‘I must give you up’.

The Colchis flower meanwhile is a floral specie used to indicate the end of an era – this may be a work or personal partnership and signifies that ‘the end is near’.

Laburnum offers a deeper meaning of ‘you have broken my heart’ and can be used to signify true feelings.


Whether it’s a school reunion or a family get together, the Mimosa is a must for your bouquet. In essence, it encourages people to talk about their past and says ‘tell me all of your news!’


If you wish to show your gratitude to a loved one or commemorate a long-lasting friendship, the Begonia is an ideal option to gift. It portrays the message ‘let’s celebrate our friendship’.

The Geranium is more suited to a new friendship or relationship with a message of ‘I offer you my heartfelt friendship’, whilst the Periwinkle suggests ‘an undying friendship’.

The Glycine is a great option to choose if you wish to rejoice a young friend, as it signifies ‘we have a connection’ and the Dandelion is another plant species that resembles both ‘faithfulness’ and ‘happiness’.


When you wish to show your concern, the Azalea flower is one such specie that will help you to do this – it’s common message is ‘please look after yourself’. This exact flower is also the Chinese symbol for womanhood.


The Cactus states a message of ‘endurance’ – you may gift this plant to someone you believe to be very strong, resilient and tough.


The Camellia offers the sentiment ‘good luck!’ It’s a great option to gift a male, and also suggests feelings of ‘perfection’ and ‘admiration’.


Finally, the Fern is a plant that is associated with ‘magic’, ‘confidence’, ‘shelter’ and ‘fascination’. If you have bold plans for the future, this is the plant you want to show them off with.

As you can see there are plenty of flowers and species with a wide array of meanings – which means it pays to choose wisely!


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