Festive Floral Fun

Christmas is a fun time of year and even more so if you have little ones in the house. All of a sudden, decorating the house with festive fancies becomes a fun-filled activity for you and your excited little elves to enjoy.

We all know the flowers and plants associated with Christmas: holly with lovely red berries, acorns, and poinsettias. With these flowers and a basket with some scissors: you have the making of an afternoon of fun.

Here are some fun, festive, floral ideas…

1. Make your own Christmas basket

Get a wicker basket (any size will do) and some Styrofoam (ask your florist or borrow some from previous floral arrangements). Gather up some pine branches in different lengths and poinsettia with lots of flowers, some berries and holly sprigs.

Spread the foam evenly around the base of the basket and get your children to start placing the filler branches evenly throughout the back of the basket. Next, let them work on inserting the flowers, holly and berries throughout the display and help them where necessary. Finally, tie a big bow (if you have one) around the circumference of the basket or alternatively cover it in some lovely Christmas wrapping paper.

2. Create a Christmas cracker

Get two empty two liter soft drink bottles (think Coca Cola or 7 Up) and cut them in half in the middle. Next, take the two middles and SELLOTAPE them together so that the top ends are facing away from each other.

Now, take some Christmas wrapping paper and cover the two half bottles together so that it looks like a cracker. Add the finishing touches i.e. some beautiful Poinsettia petals and holly leaves and stick them all over the cracker before leaving to dry for two hours.

3. Personalized Christmas cards

You will need some card, some red flowers, holly and berries, some PVA glue, a gold felt tip and a willing little Santa’s helper.

Perhaps your little one wants to make a special card for grandma and grandpa or their best friend at nursery school? Fold the card in two and then help your child write, ‘Merry Christmas’ on the top.

Now comes the fun part – put some glue on the sprigs, flowers, and leaves and get sticking! You’ll have a personalized, festive card in no time.

Christmas floral activities have never been so fn with your children!

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