10 Ways to Celebrate International Men’s Day

Every year on 19 November, International Men’s Day is celebrated across the globe in more than 80 countries.

Just like International Women’s Day, it rejoices men’s contributions to society, celebrating their passion, hard work, and devotions to family, community, and economy.

It also seeks to enhance gender relations and to showcase male role models from a range of different backgrounds.

Here we’ve listed ten ways to honour International Men’s Day, some of which may inspire you to throw your own celebration, dedicated to husbands, partners, cousins, brothers, and all men across the world.

1. Donate to men’s health charities

Although somber, donating a little here and there to a worthwhile men’s charity is a great way to celebrate International Men’s Day. Unfortunately, there are a variety of male diseases out there, including the likes of stomach cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.

Suicide rates among men are also disproportionately higher than among women, so donating to these worthwhile causes can help to fund research into men’s mental and physical health.

2. Throw an event in the office

Whether at work or at home, throwing an event dedicated to this day is a great way to raise awareness. From reaching out to friends and colleagues to representing your company at an official IMD seminar, there are numerous event options to choose from.

If throwing an event in the office, you may wish to post infographics on social media, add a screensaver to each staff members’ desktop, put posters in and around the office, or host a special breakfast seminar.

3. Acknowledge men’s contributions to society and family

From male influencers and leaders to activists, actors, fathers, brothers, and friends, there are many men who contribute to their society, country, and family.

Acknowledge this by creating awareness through social posts and events, and by encouraging those around us to do the same.

4. Sign up for a social event

One way to rejoice in International Men’s Day involves engaging in a social activity, which stands against negative stereotypes.

This could be a conference or seminar, a march, walk, marathon, or a fundraiser. With such a range of options to pick from, celebrating the day can be just the start!

5. Embrace your feelings

We live in an age that sometimes makes it difficult for men to embrace their feelings and emotions. Men are expected to be masculine at all times, yet in actual fact, they can (and should be allowed) to cry.

From sharing empathy to embarking on a men’s wellness or yoga retreat, to reading literature and exerting your emotions into the mind, body, and soul, there are plenty of ways men can embrace their feelings today and they shouldn’t be ashamed to do so! In fact, it should be actively encouraged!

6. Organise a gathering

Whether it’s a BBQ (if the weather is good), a simple gathering, or even a trip to the pub, why not spend part of the day with friends and reminisce about old times?

Despite busy work and social lives, look to encourage everyone to take a few hours from their day and to catch up on all that is going on.

7. Spend time with family

It’s important (as the man of the house) to spend as much time with your family and friends as the woman of the house does.

Whether it’s ensuring you’re back in time to bath the kids and read them a bedtime story to visiting family further afield on a regular basis, it’s important to show those around us just how much they mean to us, teaching the younger generation life skills and the importance of respecting others.

8. Revamp yourself

IMD is an ideal excuse to revamp yourself, whether this is physically or mentally. From updating your appearance to taking some much-needed time out to rethink your career choices, it’s important to make time for yourself, which means embracing things that make you feel happy.

Whether it’s trying something new or returning to a hobby you haven’t had time for in a while, use the day to remember what brings you joy.

9. Embrace Movember

A popular way to celebrate International Men’s Day involves taking part in Movember. This requires you to grow a mustache for charity throughout the month of November.

This movement, which is in actual fact related to International Men’s Day, helps to raise awareness of the many issues affecting men in society.

10. Take time for you

Looking after our own health and wellbeing isn’t always front of mind, especially with all of life’s challenges going on in the background.

But taking time to look after ourselves can make a big difference both mentally and physically, and what better time to start than on International Men’s Day this year?

Source: sonson.com

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