Can’t Make it to the Birthday Party? Send a Birthday Hamper

If your friend or work colleague is having a birthday party but you just can’t make it or simply don’t want to go then you need to find a way to make it up to them.

The best thing you can do is send them an amazing hamper; one that really says that you love and care for them and that you’re sorry for not being able to make the party in person.

Why a birthday hamper will save the day

Hampers are great for showing people that you care, whether you decide to make it yourself or purchase it online, you have the opportunity to choose exactly what does into it, meaning it’s tailored specifically for your friend and their personality.

Whether your friend is extremely girly or a nature enthusiast you’re sure to find the perfect birthday hamper for her.

Types of hampers available

There are a variety of hampers available on the market at the moment which means that you can most definitely choose the perfect one for your friend. Whether she is just turning 21 or is celebrating a 40th birthday, you won’t go far wrong with a good ol’ birthday hamper.

But, just because you’ve got out of going to the birthday party doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a bit of work in finding the right kind of birthday hamper for her.

Here is a list of the theme of hampers available that you can choose from:

The tech geek

While you may have to make a hamper up yourself for this kind of friend, there’s no reason not to! Add a couple of books, beer or wine (depending on what she likes) along with a piece of tech she’s been dying to get her hands on.

Trust us; this will win her over, even if you didn’t make it to her birthday!

The girly princess

We all have that one girlfriend who thinks unicorns exist and loves just about everything that is small and fluffy. The good news is it’s pretty easy to find a hamper online that caters to this kind of girl.

Simply choose one with a birthday balloon, pink champagne or lemonade and some tasty treats that she won’t be able to resist.

To make your friend feel extra special you could also arrange for the hamper to be delivered just before she goes out for her birthday party so that she knows that you do care and are thinking about her on her special day.

The 21st extravaganza

If your friend is turning the big 2-1 then you most definitely need to get your wallet out and choose the perfect hamper. Opt for one stacked with champagne and praline treats along with a few accessories with “21” on including the obligatory key and maybe a photo frame.

Don’t forget the birthday card under any circumstances! That’s one of the most important bits!

The wine buff

Do you have a friend that just loves a “nice” bottle of red along with a generously sized cheese board? Don’t we all! Why not choose a hamper with treats in that only a wine connoisseur would appreciate and know that they’re getting a gift that really will go down a treat.

Hamper etiquette

No matter the taste or personality of your friend you’re sure to find the perfect birthday hamper for her with so many on the market.

There are a few rules of etiquette you should follow when sending one though and these include:

  • Having it delivered to their home or place of work for an added surprise
  • Ensuring that the items included in the hamper are safe for them to use and will not aggravate any allergies
  • Choosing a hamper with a basket or container they can reuse

If sending a hamper as a way to apologize for not attending a birthday party we also recommend that you are honest with your friend and don’t makeup excuses for why you can’t attend. You’ll nearly always get found out.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a birthday hamper, you’ll find a wide selection at Serenata!

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