Best Spring Flowers for Your Kitchen or Home

Whether you wish to brighten up a dull room or bring a little of the outdoors inside, flowers are a cost-effective and colourful way to add vibrancy to your home – especially if it’s raining outside.

Displaying a vase of fresh flowers on the counter top, the mantelpiece or the kitchen table is a brilliant way of creating a welcoming ambience.


Inexpensive and unassuming, daisies are an ideal option for the kitchen come springtime. Clustered together, they look superior when displayed in a pretty vase. Choose from white, yellow, green and pink tinged shades.


A favourite for the kitchen, these bold, bright blooms add joy and cheer to any room in the household.  They’re also extremely cost-effective, making them a great option for those on a budget.


If you’re looking to add an instant pop of colour to your kitchen, Ranunculus are a must! Display them proudly in the centre of the room or on the breakfast table for best results.


Although an unconventional option for spring, Sunflowers are an ideal choice for those wishing to add an instant injection of colour to their homes. The taller they are, the more suited they are to larger spaces.


Many believe tulips to be winter flowers. However, with so many online florists to choose from – including Serenata – all offering a variety of floral bouquets all year round, they’re easier to get a hold of than you think. They tend to boast the same laid-back feel as daffodils and because of this, they’re perfectly suited to a farmhouse style kitchen. The key to keeping tulips for longer comes down to choosing blooms that are in bud stage.


Carnations are one of the most prevalent spring flowers. They’re also one of the most lasting cut flowers, and can live up to an entire two weeks, but only with the correct care. In order to keep carnations in tip top condition, cut the tips of their stems every three days.


If you’re looking to add a hot hue to your kitchen sill, simply plant a few pansies in your window box. Asides from being one of the best flowers to plant in the springtime, they also help to uplift a dull mood.


These beautiful blooms announce the departure of winter and add instant warmth and cheer to the house. Choose flowers with pink, purple, white or yellow petals. If you can’t decide, mix and match.

Bonita Shea’ begonia

If you have limited surface space in the kitchen, simply create your very own indoor hanging basket. Bonita Shea’ begonia is an ideal option for a hanging basket or indoor container. It’s both showy and compact and certainly stands out from the crowd if you’re looking to make a statement. Its curled leaves boast rich red undersides – an ideal backdrop for its pretty white flowers. It’s also a perfect option for porches and patios.


If you’re looking for a vase-worthy spring flower, look no further than a pastel-hued bunch of Hydrangeas. These delicate blooms will add a feminine, soft touch to the home environment. The best part? If you look after them, they’ll last for a while.

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are celebrated for their vivid magenta and white colouring. These flowers, when cared for correctly, can last almost 12 days.

Gerbera Daisies

These carefree daisies are an ideal option for the spring and summer months as they add instant cheer to the home. Available in almost every colour imaginable, Gerbera daisies add a youthful feel to the household. To make them last for longer, cut their tips at an angle when they become a little sodden and stained.

Dianthus ‘Green Trick’

If you’re looking for something a little different in style, Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ is a great choice. Boasting a series of vibrant green pompom heads, they complement a modern-day kitchen perfectly. To extend their vase life, simply remove any foliage below the water line of the vase.

Spring flowers are a reminder that summer is just around the corner and as such, they’re a popular option when it comes to adding life and colour to our homes. We’d love to know what flowers you use to brighten your home and if you have any recommendations or secret tips for making them last even longer…

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