Baby Hampers & Baby Gifts Trends for 2015

With a number of famous babies having been born this year already, including Jessica Biel’s bundle of joy Silas and Shakira’s Sasha, isn’t it time we all found out what the 2015 baby gift trends have been?

Whether you have a friend or family member that’s just announced they have a new little one on the way, you need to get thinking about the gift you will be giving them.

When purchasing a baby gift it’s important that you know we’re in 2015 and not the ’90s, so be careful with what you choose. To help you find the perfect present for your pregnant friend, here are some tips on the top baby gifts of 2015.

1. A baby hamper

You can’t go wrong when you choose to purchase a baby hamper for your friend. They come complete with a teddy for the little one and some much-needed chocolate and flowers for the mum to be. What more could she want?

Alternatively, you could opt for one with a posh bottle of champagne in – naturally, for after the birth, or one packed full of teddies.

Baby hampers are a simple, cost-effective and unique way of showing the new mum that you love and care about her.

2. A personalized baby grow

It’s 2015; you can get everything from mugs to baby grows personalized, so why not go for this? No mum can ever have enough. With the number of nappies she will get through and accidents the baby will have, she is bound to run out of them before she’s even had time to put a wash on!

By giving her a personalized baby grow, it shows you’ve gone to a lot of effort and allows you to show off your sense of humour.

3. A first-moment book

There is nothing better than giving your friend a photo book where she can document the very first few days of her new little one’s life. From the baby’s handprint to its first smile, this book will allow her to remember everything.

4. Baby Gym

Give your friend a break from time to time by getting your hands on a baby gym. You can get them online at a good price and your friend will be incredibly thankful.

The little baby will absolutely love it too!

5. Teething toys

We all know how painful teething is, for the child and the parents. So, why not get your friend prepared for the drama by kitting her out with some toys and equipment that can make the whole process a lot easier on everyone.

If she is a first-time mum, she may even benefit from a few books to guide her through the painful weeks.

6. Spare Bedding for the Cot

Your new mum will be so exhausted, changing the bedding on the cot will be one thing, but washing it too; another story. So, why not help her out and gift her a new set of bedding, one you know she will love and would have chosen herself. She will thank you in the long run.

7. A digital photo album

With the whole world being digital, it makes sense to gift your new mum a digital photo album that allows her to download pictures of the new baby straight from her smartphone.

She will absolutely love this!

8. A night light

Chances are your friend completely forgot to purchase one of these with the number of nappies, clothes, and bottles she’s had to buy! Plus you can be sure the new little baby will want a little night light to help him get to sleep.

We recommend that you try to get one that complements the rest of the nursery…

9. Car seat

Every mum with a car needs a car seat, so find out if she has one and if not, pop into your local store and pick one up. She will definitely thank you afterward! Because let’s face it, after being stuck in the house for a week with nappies up to her eyeballs she might fancy taking the little one to the shops for some retail therapy.

10. Child proof iPad case

You can bet your last pound that even though the child can’t walk yet, he will want to play with your friend’s iPad. So, why not get a child-proof iPad case for the new mum? She’ll be very grateful!

If your friend doesn’t need any of the above, then why not stick to the baby hamper idea? You can guarantee she will love it and to top it off, it can be hand delivered to her at the hospital, what more could she want?

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