8 Gorgeous Plants for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets brimming with colourful flowers and plants are an elegant way to add adornment to any outdoor space.

If you don’t have a garden to enjoy, investing in an array of hanging baskets is an easy and cost-effective way to brighten up a patio, balcony or doorway.

1. Nasturtium

If you’re searching for a low-maintenance, quick growing plant, that’s perfect for a hanging basket, Nasturtium is a great option – particularly the trailing species of the plant.

In order to grow to their best ability, Nasturtium require both warmth and sunshine, although they can still thrive in partial shade. In addition to this, they require little fertiliser and poor soil and are seldom bothered by insects or pests.

These plants offer an expensive way to brighten up the exterior home, and once planted, bloom in just six to eight weeks.

2. Tomatoes

Although an alternative choice for a hanging basket, cherry tomatoes can in fact be a great option. Unlike a number of other vegetables, they adapt extremely easily to new surroundings.

There are two rules to consider when growing tomatoes in hanging baskets, these include selecting the right variety of tomato and ensuring they have the appropriate conditions.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep the the hanging basket in a frost-free place before then placing it in a location where it will receive six hours of sun per day once the weather improves.

3. Portulaca

Portulaca, also known as moss rose, is not only an outstanding trailing ground cover plant, it’s also a ideal plant for a hanging basket.

The colourful, tropical flowers are perfectly complemented by needle-like, luscious foliage.

This particular specie of plant showcases semi-double to fully grown hot-hued flowers that look a little like miniature roses. The flowers boast shades of orange, yellow, bright pink and red.

Cream and white flower shades are also available. For best results, plant Portulaca flowers in a space that gets between six and eight hours of full sunshine per day and use well drained soil. On cloudy days, don’t be alarmed when the flowers close up.

4. Spider plants and philodendron

Although often considered as houseplants, these two species can also be grown outdoors, providing the conditions are right – as they require shade or indirect sunlight.

Spider plants boast a fresh green and white foliage, in a rosette shape, whilst Philodendrons feature spotted, waxy, heart-shaped leaves.

5. Begonia

If you wish to brighten up a shady space, Begonias are perfect plants for hanging baskets.

They bloom in shades of white, red and pink throughout the autumn and summer months. These hybrids boast gentle, drooping stems, with vibrantly-hued oversized flowers and wing-shaped leaves in an array of lush green shades.

The leaves can hang to an astounding three feet, which makes them a statement option for the hanging basket. For best results, use moist soil, don’t overwater and choose the trailing varieties for hanging baskets.

6. Geranium

When it comes to choosing plants for hanging baskets, the Geranium is another great option. It’s extremely aesthetically-pleasing, with both the flowers and the foliage being easy on the eye.

This specie of plant will add a burst of colour to any outdoor space. For best results, pick a spot that enjoys sunshine and plant in well-draining soil. Ivy geraniums are the ideal choice for hanging baskets.

To plant, fill a basket with commercial potting mixture, comprising compost, perlite and peat and ensure the basket is well-drained to avoid rot.

7. Diascia

Diascia, despite being a short-lived perennial, is often grown as an annual plant, especially the hardy varieties.

The small, but extremely pretty, flowers come in a range of colours and are arranged in clusters.

For a charming look, plant a variety of different colours in the same basket. If you wish to inject bright colour into an otherwise muted space, this is the plant for you! To ensure good drainage, line the hanging basket with plastic and punch holes in the liner.

8. Verbena

This sun-loving plant can easily be grown in a hanging basket and does particularly well in a south facing spot. This specie is available in an array of colours and hues including purple, pink, red, white and lavender to name but a few.

The flowers grow in clusters and bloom uninterruptedly throughout the summer months, even in a cooler climate – as they’re drought tolerant.

But be wary, as these plants can attract spider mites, especially if overwatered. For best results, water once a week and deadhead the flowers on a regular basis.

Although they’re not heavy feeders, this specie of flower will benefit from a flower fertiliser, applied once a month.



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