8 Beer Hacks You didn’t Know about

As summer hits its stride, there’s nothing better than dusting off the deckchairs and relaxing on the patio with a cold beer. But how to keep your drink cool? For anyone at a festival, barbeque or camping trip, keeping beer cold often proves to be an exercise in futility. And worse yet, what if there’s no bottle opener in sight? It’s every beer lover’s worst nightmare.

But fear not – help is at hand in this new infographic which shows 8 clever hacks to solve all of the your-related problems. Arguably the most common sight at any social gathering is someone desperately searching for that elusive bottle opener.

Spare your dentist from any headaches by resisting the urge to use your teeth to open your bottle. While it might look impressive, you’ll likely end up cracking or chipping those pearly whites. Grab a piece of A4 paper and fold it width ways four times and then once length ways. With your new makeshift bottle opener, hold the bottleneck firmly with one hand while lodging the paper under the bottle cap.

Now comes the easy part: taking care not to shake the bottle, use the paper to force the cap upwards and open the bottle. And voilà – now you have a tasty beer to sip from as well as the awe and respect of your friends for your Bear Grylls-esque ingenuity. Or not, if they’re particularly hard to please. But who cares? You’ve got a beer now.

Another common party nightmare is popping to the bathroom only to return and find your drink’s been moved or someone else has mistaken it for their own. Keeping your beer in hand is an inconvenience, and labelling your beer is a step too far, so what’s the solution? Simply – wrap a rubber band around the can or bottle. It’s a discrete way to tell everyone that it’s yours without making a big deal of it – especially if you’ve brought a particular beer or are counting your drinks.

Lastly, you should avoid being that guy at the party by drinking responsibly, and spare your friends the joyless task of carrying you home after one too many. With beer, you easily get too much of a good thing, so men shouldn’t regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day. For women, that figure is slightly lower at 2-3 units a day. To put that in real terms, a bottle of beer or cider is typically 1.7 units, while your average can is around 2 units.

For more surprising beer hacks to keep you and your beer cool at your next party, be sure to read the rest of the infographic below. It was brought to you by

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