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5 Secrets of Longer Lasting Flowers

secrets-for-longer-lasting-flowersWhether you have been given a bouquet of flowers by someone special or a work colleague, it is important to know how to make sure they survive for as long as possible.

Here are five secrets from Serenata Flowers on how to ensure your beautiful flowers last as long as possible:

1. Water

It is vital to change the water you have placed your flowers in regularly. The main cause of wilting flowers is the bacteria found in their water due to it not being changed.

So, the most basic tip on preserving flowers is to change the water once a day using a lukewarm temperature.

You can also treat the water to prevent bacteria growth; there are three ways to do this: two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or a penny at the bottom of the vase. A small amount of bleach added to the water can also benefit the flowers and prevent bacteria growth.

2. Stems

Different flowers have different stems and need different treatments in order to preserve their life. The easiest way to do this is to cut the stems each day once you have changed the water, ensure that when cutting, you cut from a 45-degree angle. However, for woody stem flowers such as lilacs, it is a good idea to split the stem in order for them to absorb more water.

3. Temperature control

It is important to keep an eye on the temperature of the room the plants are in If the room is too hot or too cold, they will wilt quickly so be sure to keep them in a cool area. However, if you do have tropical flowers then a warmer room is preferable.

4. Excess leaves

Remember to remove excess leaves or branches from the flowers as these will encourage bacteria growth in the water. Also, once flowers begin to wilt a little, cut off the ‘bad bits’ as this will extend the life of the flower.

5. Preservatives

Preservatives are also readily available to add to the water in order to enhance the life of your flowers. These will contain all nutrients and vitamins the flower needs in order to survive, as flowers lose a lot of nutrients once they are cut from the soil.

With these five tips in mind, you will prolong your flowers’ lives and gain even more joy from them.

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