Decorating with Flowers – 10 Instagram Accounts we Love

The language of flowers is so much more than differentiating a rose from a peony or a daffodil from a tulip. It’s all about learning more about the wonder of nature and how you can combine creativity and natural elements to create beautiful interiors and exteriors.

It’s easier than ever to source inspiration online, especially with an array of Instagram accounts dedicated solely to innovative floral designs, unusual bouquets and bold blooms.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts that we absolutely love…

1. Mary Lennox

With more than 155,000 followers, Mary Lennox is renowned for her floral arrangements. They’re so poetic in a style that the blooms have posed as the backdrop to an array of big-name campaigns, including the likes of Zaha Home, Gucci, and Hermes. She’s also featured in publications such as Vogue and the New York Times.

2. Sarah Winward

This florist turned influencer is based in Salt Lake City in the USA and has 180,000 followers. Sarah Winward is famous for her creative floral displays and often decorates wedding ceremonies and events. Her concepts stem from a philosophy that intertwines flowers with the environment that they are placed in, combining blooms and centerpieces with nature’s elements, vintage styles and her hallmark pastel hues.

3. Swallow and Damsons

This dreamy flower factory, owned by Anna Potter, is based in a small workshop in Sheffield. She boasts an assortment of incredible floral design compositions, all of which ooze character and dramatic excellence. Because of her amazing Instagram account, her floral decorations have now gone global!

4. Jardine Botanic

Parisian designer Jardine Hansen has nature etched into her soul. Her affection for plants and blooms began in her childhood, a lot of which was spent exploring rambling gardens with her grandmother, and reciting countless lists of botanical names. Her free arrangements boast a sense of spontaneity, and the blooms that make them up, a combination of romance and nature. Her Instagram account showcases her work for events, weddings and private houses.

5. Thierry Boutemy

Thierry creates some of the most chic floral art in existence, boasting a mixture of decor and fashion design. He’s renowned for his fashion show backdrops for huge fashion houses such as Dior and Lanvin.

6. Soil and Stem

More than 155,000 people follow Nicola Land’s “floral” path on Instagram. This florist from Utah, in the United States, finds beauty in nature’s imperfections, to which she attaches great aesthetic value. Nicole Land does workshops all over the world, as well as weddings and events. In each bouquet and floral art arrangement, she tells a story, navigating between the naturally bucolic and oneiric feeling. Her strengths: vintage aesthetic and pastel tones.

7. Rebecca Louise Law

Nobody makes floral creations quite like Rebecca Louise Law. This British artist goes above and beyond your normal floral display or bouquet to create entire backdrops using both blooms and plants, all of which boast her trademark style. Her Instagram account is an awe-inspiring platform of floral sculptures and art, combining aspects of humanity and nature. To date her creations have been showcased in London, Athens, Toledo and San Francisco.

8. La Musa de Las Flores

Mexico is a country of blooms and historical ornamental horticulture, with dahlia being the most celebrated bloom. Home to one of the most prominent floral art workshops to grace the globe (on Instagram at least), ‘The muse of the flowers’ now has more than 134,000 followers. The individual behind this account is Gabriela Salazar. Her Instagram handle showcases a variety of evocative floral compositions, brimming with intermingled tones and blooms from all over the world. With a background in art and interior design, her floral decorations fill spaces with character and emotion.

9. Bows and Arrows

Alicia and Adam Rico are the partners responsible for the Instagram account Bows and Arrows, a small floral art studio based in Texas. Their chief specialization is wedding appointments; however, they’re also fond of set design and events motivated by culture, art, and landscape. Uniting soft tones with considered color bursts, their floral creations create individual atmospheres, in which the objective is to reserve the honesty and natural presence of each bloom and its environment.

10. Sally Hambleton

Her Instagram ‘garden’ receives thousands of likes from her 70,000 followers on a daily basis. She creates her masterpieces in The Workshop Flores, a floral art workshop based in Madrid. Her Instagram account boasts an abundance of real floral gems, event décor, wedding inspiration, and ceremonies.

Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

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